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To help scientists work more efficiently, more effectively, and make better decisions, Lhasa Limited develops expert knowledge base and database systems. Our applications predict toxicity, metabolic fate and chemical degradation of chemicals and provide chemical toxicity information management tools.

For more information on individual tools within the suites, please refer to the relevant product pages.


Lhasa Knowledge Suite

The Lhasa Knowledge Suite refers to a suite of tools offered by Lhasa Limited to allow you to benefit from informed decision making in your projects and currently includes the following tools:

  • Nexus – a single interface from which the different ‘Nexus’ tools can be accessed
  • Derek Nexus - a knowledge based expert decision support system for the prediction of toxicity
  • Meteor Nexus – a knowledge based expert decision support tool for the prediction of metabolic fate of chemicals in mammal
  • Sarah Nexus - a statistical software tool for the prediction of mutagenicity
  • Vitic Nexus – a chemical database and information management system

Lhasa Knowledge Editor

Lhasa Limited also provides the Lhasa Knowledge Editor which will ultimately provide a suite of editor tools. These tools will allow users to add their own information to improve results and make decision making more effective.

At this time, the Lhasa Knowledge Editor consists of the Derek Knowledge Editor.

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Other Products

Lhasa Limited also provides:

  • Zeneth - a knowledge based expert decision support system for the prediction of forced degradation.
  • Mirabilis - Industry-standardised approach providing an expert and scientifically robust software for the calculation of purge factors of potentially mutagenic impurities in a synthetic route.
  • Lhasa Carcinogenicity Database - which has been founded on the Carcinogenic Potency Database (CPDB), a widely used, free resource which contains the results of animal cancer tests.
  • eTOXsys - a software solution that can deliver improved early drug candidate safety assessment through intuitive access to proprietary toxicology data and predictive models.


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