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To help scientists work more efficiently, more effectively and make better decisions, Lhasa Limited develops a range of software applications. Our product range includes:

  • Software to predict toxicity, metabolic fate and chemical degradation of chemicals
  • Databases for chemical toxicity information management and carcinogenicity potency
  • Software for the calculation of purge factors

For more information on individual tools, please refer to the relevant product pages.

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Predictive Software

  • Derek Nexus- a knowledge-based, expert decision support system for the prediction of toxicity
  • Meteor Nexus– a knowledge-based, expert decision support system for the prediction of metabolic fate of chemicals in mammal
  • Sarah Nexus* - a statistical software tool for the prediction of mutagenicity
  • Zeneth - a knowledge-based, expert decision support system for the prediction of forced degradation

* Derek, Sarah and Meteor are all accessed via Nexus; an intuitive, easy-to-use starting point for chemical predictions or queries.


  • Vitic – a chemical database and information management system
  • Lhasa Carcinogenicity Database - free to use, this database was founded on the Carcinogenic Potency Database (CPDB), a widely used resource which contains the results of animal cancer tests
  • eTOXsys - a software solution that can deliver improved early drug candidate safety assessment through intuitive access to proprietary toxicology data and predictive models

 Calculation of Purge Factors

  • Mirabilis - Industry-standardised approach providing an expert and scientifically robust software for the calculation of purge factors of potentially mutagenic impurities in a synthetic route

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