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BTS Annual Congress


We’re delighted to be attending British Toxicology Society Annual Congress 2024 at Spaces at The Spine, Liverpool. The British Toxicology Society (BTS) promotes the importance and advancement of toxicology in scientific communities.

How to predict for the formation of NDSRIs (in Japanese)


Join us for our upcoming webinar, ‘How to predict for the formation of NDSRIs’. This webinar will be hosted in Japanese and will contain pre-recorded videos with Japanese subtitles.

Approaches to software testing and quality, with Lhasa and Codurance

Leeds tech event

We are delighted to partner with Codurance for Software Crafters Leeds to discuss approaches to software testing and quality! This event promises an evening of engaging discussions, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities focused on the critical theme of software testing and quality.

Identifying the formation of nitrosamines via degradation pathways using an in-silico approach


Ensuring the safety of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) is of great importance. A critical aspect of this process involves the identification and mitigation of potentially mutagenic impurities, like nitrosamines. 

Read-across masterclass: How to facilitate your acceptable intake limit setting for nitrosamines


Read-across is a popular data gap filling technique which has recently gained recognition in regulatory guidance as a valuable tool for identifying suitable surrogates in establishing Acceptable Intake (AI) limits for Nitrosamine Drug Substance-Related Impurities (NDSRIs).

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