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Establishing Best Practice for the Application and Support of Solubility Purge FactorsMirabilis
Drawing a Line: Where Might the Cohort of Concern End?Derek Nexus
Retrospective analysis of the potential use of virtual control groups in preclinical toxicity assessment using the eTOX databaseeTOX
Statistical analysis of preclinical inter-species concordance of histopathological findings in the eTOX databaseeTOX
Risk assessment in the 21st century: where are we heading?Kaptis
Enhancing global and local decision making for chemical safety assessments through increasing the availability of dataVitic
Strategies for Assessing Acceptable Intakes for Novel N-Nitrosamines Derived from Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Improvements to in silico skin sensitisation predictions through privacy-preserving data sharingDerek Nexus
The Landscape of Potential Small and Drug Substance Related Nitrosamines in PharmaceuticalsComplex Nitrosamines
What Makes a Potent Nitrosamine? Statistical Validation of Expert-Derived Structure–Activity RelationshipsDerek NexusVitic
Predicting Regioselectivity of AO, CYP, FMO, and UGT Metabolism Using Quantum Mechanical Simulations and Machine Learning
Use of the bacterial reverse mutation assay to predict carcinogenicity of N-nitrosaminesComplex NitrosaminesDerek NexusSarah Nexus
How to resolve inconclusive predictions from defined approaches for skin sensitisation in OECD Guideline No. 497Derek Nexus
Validation of Nexus v.2.5.2 for Ames Mutagenicitypdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus
Letter to the editor of Heliyon re: determination of dimethylamine and nitrite in pharmaceuticals by ion chromatography to assess the likelihood of nitrosamine formationNitrites in Excipients
Data Dos and Don’ts In Building Statistical Models For Ames Mutagenicitypdf fileSarah Nexus
eTRANSAFE: Building a sustainable framework to share reproducible drug safety knowledge with the public domaineTRANSAFE
Lhasa Limited's Skin Sensitisation Assessment Portfolio Infographicpdf fileDerek NexusVitic
Updating the Dermal Sensitisation Thresholds using an expanded dataset and an in silico expert systemDerek Nexus
Development of a network of carcinogenicity adverse outcome pathways and its employment as an evidence framework for safety assessmentKaptis
A Nitrite Excipient Database: A Useful Tool to Support N-Nitrosamine Risk Assessments for Drug ProductsNitrites in Excipients
An Evaluation of the Occupational Health Hazards of Peptide CouplersDerek Nexus
Application of AOPs for Weight-of-Evidence Assessments: Rationalising Evidence for the ICH S1B(R1) Guidance Addendumpdf fileKaptis
Assessment of the dermal sensitisation potency of extractables and leachables using existing data and in silico methodspdf fileViticDerek Nexus
Collaborative analysis of complex nitrosaminespdf fileComplex Nitrosamines

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