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Fostering cross-cultural connections through art

Diversity serves as a catalyst for innovation at Lhasa. We believe in cultivating a workplace culture that encourages collaboration, and empowers every individual to express themselves fully. Art has the power to promote a culture of creativity, self-expression and community playing an integral role in enriching the fabric of our environment. Serving as a powerful medium for storytelling, the art that hangs on the walls of the Lhasa Head Office creates a shared experience where we celebrate diversity.

Building connections: Meeting Eduardo Matos


During a visit to Brazil, for the annual Pharmaceutical Industry and Regulators Symposium, we had the pleasure of meeting Eduardo Matos, an extraordinary artist residing in the Cantagalo Favela of Rio de Janeiro. Eduardo was born in 1980 in the state of Minas Gerais, Southeast Brazil, later moving to the Cantagalo favela in Rio de Janeiro with his mother. He considers the streets of Copacabana as his first art school, inspired by the local artists, museums, and environment that surrounded him.

With very little knowledge and experience, Eduardo had the courage to exhibit his first artworks in the busy streets of Rio. Since then, his work has been recognised and showcased in several exhibitions across Brazil. We are delighted to display several of his paintings on the walls of the Lhasa Head Office.

Brazil 5    A new life in Leeds at Lhasa 1200 × 628px 6

Eduardo presenting Crina, Director of Applied Sciences at Lhasa and CEO at Consult Lhasa, a painting of the Lhasa House which now hangs on the wall in reception.

Eduardo’s art, characterised by its vivid colours and unique style, not only enriches our workspace but also serves as a reminder of the transformative power of passion and dedication. It reflects the values that drive how we work at Lhasa.

Brazil 1

A painting of Eduardo’s that hangs in our dinning area encapsulates his unique style.

The incorporation of Eduardo’s art helps to ignite spontaneous conversations through its unique power to foster curiosity, an integral component of how we work. By experiencing his artwork together, we continue to build stronger connections, bridge the gap between cultures, and embrace new ideas.

Brazil 3

Paintings of iconic Leeds landmarks including the Corn Exchange and Kirskstall Abbey.

Pharmaceutical Industry and Regulators Symposium


As we prepare for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Regulators Symposium in Brasilia on the 7 – 8th May 2024, we are reminded of the importance of collaboration in driving advancements within the scientific community. This annual event provides a platform for industry experts to exchange knowledge and insights on the latest science and technologies shaping regulatory requirements.

We look forward to reconnecting with Eduardo and welcoming collaborators at the Symposium!

Interested in attending this event? Discover more and register.



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