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Insights into the 2024 Science of Stability Conference

Following the success of the 2022 Science of Stability (SOS) Conference in Philadelphia, we’re excited to announce its return to Barcelona! The 8th SOS will take place on the 13-14th May 2024, and we’re delighted to co-host it with FreeThink Technologies. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, this promises to be a milestone event across different industries including pharmaceuticals, generics, nutraceuticals, Over-the-Counter (OTC), and consumer products.

To provide further insight into what attendees can expect, we spoke to three of the SOS Scientific Steering Committee members, who shared their thoughts and expectations for the upcoming event.

Kenneth Waterman, President of FreeThink Technologies, reflects on the inception of SOS and its mission:

“Several years ago, I found myself attending a drug stability conference where the conference’s high point was a presentation and detailed discussion of whether a stability chamber should have one or two temperature monitors. The scientific content for stability conferences in general had been sacrificed to regulation interpretation since this is what the conference industry determined was popular. I decided that I wanted a forum for scientific presentations and discussions. From that idea, SOS was born and has grown ever since”.

Echoing this sentiment, Rachel Heminway, Principal Scientist at Lhasa Limited, emphasises the collaborative nature of the conference and its role in advancing stability science across various sectors.

“This conference aims to highlight the latest innovations and discoveries in the stability field by bringing together experts from various industries and backgrounds. I’m fortunate enough to be a member of the scientific committee alongside some very knowledgeable stability scientists who I’m learning a lot from; knowledge I hope to bring back into Lhasa. Being part of this committee has allowed me to highlight topics I think would be interesting to a wider audience for the conference programme. I think the 2024 event will see an increase in attendance due to our shared hosting and I’m excited to meet some new faces, as well as catch up with some ‘old’ ones”.

Steve Baertschi, President of Baertschi Consulting, eagerly anticipates the conference as a platform for exploring cutting-edge advancements and facilitating invaluable networking opportunities within the pharmaceutical community.

“I am impatiently awaiting this year’s SOS conference in Barcelona! Focusing on the “science” of stability, this conference is the best event to learn about the most recent developments and applications of Accelerated Stability Predictions from both the inventors of the technology and the most sophisticated users. In addition, there will be new insights into carrying out forced degradation studies along with numerous case studies of drug degradation investigations.  I personally am looking forward to learning about the new developments in the Zeneth chemical degradation prediction software, and how this can be used to enhance N-nitrosamine chemistry understanding and risk assessments. Perhaps most importantly is the networking with top pharmaceutical scientists and software developers that this meeting facilitates. No better event to learn about drug degradation mechanisms and kinetics!”.

Head to our events page to discover more about the 2024 SOS.

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