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2024 Science of Stability Conference

We were thrilled to co-host the 2024 Science of Stability Conference, alongside FreeThink Technologies, Inc.

Taking place in Barcelona, Spain, the 8th SOS Conference showcased the latest stability science discoveries and innovations, covering key topics on accelerated aging, degradation chemistry, and stability.

Featured presentations

End points for forced degradation studies | Steve Baertschi, Ph.D., Baertschi Consulting and Dorina Kotoni, Ph.D., Novartis

Mass balance for forced degradation studies | John Campbell, Ph.D., GSK

Use of physicochemical calculators to augment the predicted likelihood of degradation products in Zeneth | Jonathan Lockett, Ph.D., Lhasa Limited

Risk-based predictive stability–an industry perspective | Alexander Abbott, AstraZeneca

Kinetics of moisture absorption in packaging | Anneleen Burggraeve, Ph.D., Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Oxygen sensitivity stability model | Patrick Kelleher, Ph.D., FreeThink Technologies

ASD crystallization predictions; their approach to predicting the shelf life of ASD | Christian Lübbert, Ph.D., amofor

Stability related dissolution slowdown | Luke Scrivens , AstraZeneca

Oligos and peptides (all synthetic) and applying ASAP routinely in new product development | Elisabeth Vey, Novartis

How do you go from investigation to GMP accelerated stability |Kenneth C. Waterman, Ph.D., FreeThink Technologies

Nitrosamine formation in pharmaceuticals: developing biased kinetic models to assess nitrosation risk in solid drug products | Ian W. Ashworth, Ph.D., AstraZeneca

Recent Developments in Modelling Drug Product Stability | Garry Scrivens, Ph.D., Pfizer