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The eTRANSAFE Project on Translational Safety Assessment through Integrative Knowledge Management: Achievements and Perspectives 

Pognan F; Steger-Hartmann T; Diaz C; Blomberg N; Bringezu F; Briggs K; Callegaro G; Capella-Gutierrez S; Centeno E; Corvi J; Drew P; Drewe WC; Fernández JM; Furlong LI; Guney E; Kors J; Mayer MA; Pastor M; Piñero J; Ramirez-Anguita JM; Ronzano F; Rowell P; Saüch-Pitarch J; Valencia A; van de Water B; van der Lei J; van Mulligen E; Sanz F 

eTRANSAFE is a research project funded within the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI), which aims at developing integrated databases and computational tools (the eTRANSAFE ToxHub) that support the translational safety assessment of new drugs by using legacy data provided by the pharmaceutical companies that participate in the project. The project objectives include the development of databases containing preclinical and clinical data, computational systems for translational analysis including tools for data query, analysis and visualization, as well as computational models to explain and predict drug safety events.