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Lhasa Limited releases Zeneth 8.1

With improved functionality for an enhanced user experience, Lhasa Limited is excited to announce that Zeneth 8.1 has now been released.

Zeneth 8.1 complements the functionality additions that were made to Zeneth 8, with various enhancements including a redesigned, more intuitive user interface, three-component reactions, and improved treatment of aromaticity. New features of Zeneth 8.1 include:

  • Export and import predictions – Easily import predictions into Zeneth, and export predictions with condition sets, applied filters and spider diagrams.
  • Condition set label display – Have greater visibility of condition set labels, now positioned on the tree and table.
  • Editing custom excipients – Using the prediction setting screen, quickly make edits to custom excipients.

Zeneth is Lhasa’s expert decision support software for predicting the forced degradation pathways of organic compounds, used across a range of industry sectors but most notably within pharmaceutical departments, Zeneth is a trusted degradation expert system that can quickly give you predictions for a variety of degradation conditions whilst also taking into account the effect of excipients and impurities.

The new version of Zeneth offers users enhanced features for a greater user experience. The only actively maintained system for the prediction of degradation, Zeneth is built on a knowledge base of transformations implemented by Lhasa’s scientific experts.

Zeneth continues to offer expert support to help in meeting regulatory requirements, specifically the RDC 53, and ICH M7 guidelines.

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