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Are you curious about scientific software development?

At Lhasa, our commitment to fostering talent extends to the wider community. You may have read in our latest blog, Harnessing Purpose: The rise of Tech for Good, that Leeds is gaining recognition as the fastest growing tech hub in the UK.

This was on full display at our Leeds Digital Festival 2023 event. The panel discussion explored the intrinsic relationship between, purpose, passion, and innovation in advancing Tech for Good progress. Recognising that the ability to innovate relies on great talent, we are proud to collaborate with the local tech community to help people discover their ‘why’ and align it with their career.

The connection between purpose and work begins with curiosity. According to a Harvard Business Review study, 92% of employees credited curiosity as a catalyst for innovation and high performance. This is a core value that is encouraged at Lhasa and is key to both personal and collective growth within the workplace.

Software Crafters Leeds


Curiosity took centre stage on the 11th of October at our Software Crafters Leeds event. Co-hosted with Codurance, this event provided an exciting opportunity for keen coders to explore the world of scientific development.

The session offered a glimpse into how we fulfil our purpose, to create software to support decision making on chemical safety. Specifically, we explored how software can be built to predict complex scientific outcomes, and the best part? No prior experience was necessary!

James Brundnell, Lhasa Principal Test Analyst explains, “Zero chemistry or biology knowledge is required to complete this exercise! Hopefully by the end you’ll feel more confident to trying to take programming problems within the life sciences domain!”

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