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Purpose, passion and innovation: 3 key drivers for Tech4Good progress

In a world where the desire to create a positive impact on society and the environment is growing, the significance of purpose-driven work is becoming increasingly evident. Recent research by McKinsey & Co revealed that 70 percent of employees now derive their sense of purpose from work, presenting a promising opportunity for Tech4Good organisations.

At the heart of Tech4Good lies the vital role of innovation, acting as a driving force for progress. How can this increased sense of purpose fuel innovation and pave the way for transformative technologies?

On 20th September, Lhasa hosted an engaging panel discussion on Tech4Good and its intertwined relationship with innovation, plus networking, with tech leaders from Lhasa and other Tech4Good organisations, as part of the Leeds Digital festival 2023!

The event provided the opportunity to connect with like-minded people and be a part of the collective effort to drive positive change!

Meet the panellists

Mo Anoshehpour, Head of Software Development at Lhasa Limited

Mo is a technology enthusiast with a passion for creating innovative solutions that make a difference. With experience in leading high-performing teams and delivering positive impact, Mo’s leadership style is people-centric, fostering collaboration, trust, learning, and growth to drive outcomes. Mo is committed to using technology for good – working on projects aimed at streamlining drug development, reducing the need for animal testing, and safeguarding human health.

Sonia Dembowska, Co-founder of Theia AI

Sonia is a final year PhD student at the University of Leeds developing statistical methods for medical images. She is the co-founder of an early stage MedTech startup building an AI powered software decision support tool for neurological conditions.

Georgina Fairhall, Founder and CEO of WAC

WAC are building a global community of hourly paid workers empowering them to take control of their working lives, receive fair pay and gain access to well paid work, on demand.

John Rastrick, Founder & CEO of Flotilla

John is the founder and CEO of Flotilla – a B Corp company – that supports business leaders to take wise, data led, impactful climate action. John is also a Non Executive Director at JMG Group and Vida Healthcare Group. He previously worked as a corporate lawyer and more latterly in Private Equity working for firms such as 3i Group and Pheonix Capital.