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Lhasa Software Training

Software training

Lhasa Limited offers comprehensive technical support including complimentary training for most organisations licensing the software as associate or full members. You can access a range of courses depending on your needs, including on-site training.

Training programmes are designed to ensure members can use Lhasa Limited software with confidence and maximise the potential benefits of these applications. Both program and editor training courses are available, these include practical exercises and hands-on experience of using the software.  Training can be arranged at a convenient date for you and your colleaues.

Lhasa Limited members are entitled to one day on-site training (subject to availability of the account management & technical support team) or two days training at Lhasa Limited offices in Leeds, UK, for up to four (4) staff (subject to availability of places). Additional training may be available on request.

Contact us with any support requests or to discuss your individual training requirements.

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