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Toni Rogers, Application Scientist

Name: Toni Rogers

Job Title: Application Scientist





My name is Toni and I joined Lhasa Limited as an Application Scientist in November 2021.


I graduated from the University of York in 2019 with an MChem in Chemistry with Biological and Medicinal Chemistry. As part of my degree I completed a year in industry at the biotechnology company Aptamer Group. During this year I researched modified nucleotides and polymerases to incorporate them into the aptamer selection process. After my year in industry I continued to work at Aptamer Group as a Senior Scientist, optimising both the protein and small molecule aptamer selection processes and leading the small molecules team. This gave me opportunities to interact with customers and manage a variety of projects.


Although I enjoyed my work in the lab, I learned my passion is engaging and collaborating with others to facilitate scientific progress. This led me to join Lhasa’s team.


Outside of work I enjoy all things equestrian. I have competed in show jumping and dressage, I also have a strong interest in promoting Britain’s native breeds. When I am not horsing around, I love baking, embroidery and travelling to new places.

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