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Dr Philip Judson FRSC, PhD

Philip Judson 450

Current position on board of trustees: Scientific Advisory Board Member

Affiliation/job title/status: Consultant and Director

Philip Judson studied chemistry at the University of Manchester before working on the synthesis of novel herbicides and fungicides for Fisons Ltd at Chesterford Park Research Station near Saffron Walden. When computing started to come into use in chemistry he made a change of career which later led to his becoming Head of Chemical Information and Computing for Schering Agrochemicals Ltd.  His particular interest is in knowledge-based computer systems. 

While working for Schering Agrochemicals Ltd. he created the prototype toxicity prediction system that eventually led to Derek.  He was one of the founders of Lhasa Limited and has been a director, chairman, and company manager.  He continues to contribute to research and development work in his role as Scientific Advisor as well as serving on the Scientific Advisory Board.  He developed and maintains software for chemical hazard classification and material safety data sheet management, Harmoneus and Prometheus.  His book, “Knowledge-based Expert Systems in Chemistry – Not Counting on Computers”, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry, is the only one covering this topic. 

He is a founder and director of the Chemical Biactivity Information Centre, based in Cameroon, which is working to make data from African sources about environmental toxicity and the bioactivity of components of traditional medicines widely accessible.


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