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Andreas Bender

Andreas Bender Lhasa Limited SAB member

Current position on board of trustees: Scientific Advisory Board Member

Duration: 2015 - present

Affiliation/job title/status: Director of Digital Life Sciences at Nuvisan; Reader for Molecular Informatics at the University of Cambridge

As well as building up the computational chemistry team at Nuvisan, Andreas Bender is also a Reader for Molecular Informatics at the Centre for Molecular Informatics, part of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Cambridge. His research interests include molecular property - and toxicity - prediction using integrated chemical and biological information, utilizing gene expression data to characterize compound activities, and the modelling of bioactive mixtures of chemical compounds.

He brings a number of skills to the SAB including:

  • Small molecule property predictions
  • Integration of biology and chemistry data into bioactivity predictions
  • Modelling of mixtures of bioactive compounds
  • Integration of gene expression/RNA-Seq data to understand compound action

You can see his recent publications here.

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