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HuskinDB, a database for skin permeation of xenobiotics

Stepanov D; Canipa S; Wolber G;

Skin permeation is an essential biological property of small organic compounds our body is exposed to, such as drugs in topic formulations, cosmetics, and environmental toxins. Despite the limited availability of experimental data, there is a lack of systematic analysis and structure. We present a novel resource on skin permeation data that collects all measurements available in the literature and systematically structures experimental conditions. Besides the skin permeation value kp, it includes experimental protocols such as skin source site, skin layer used, preparation technique, storage conditions, as well as test conditions such as temperature, pH as well as the type of donor and acceptor solution. It is important to include these parameters in the assessment of the skin permeation data. In addition, we provide an analysis of physicochemical properties and chemical space coverage, laying the basis for applicability domain determination of insights drawn from the collected data points.


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