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Enhancing global and local decision making for chemical safety assessments through increasing the availability of data

Fowkes A; Foster RS; Kane S; Thresher A; Werner AL; Oliveira A;

Toxicity safety assessments are a fundamental part of the lifecycle of products and aim to protect human health and the environment from harmful exposures to chemical substances. To make decisions regarding the suitability of testing strategies, the applicability of individual tests or concluding an assessment for an individual chemical requires data. This review outlines how different forms of data sharing, from enhancing publicly-available data to extracting knowledge from commercially-sensitive data, leads to increased quantity and quality of evidence being available for safety assessors to review. This can result in more confident decisions for different use cases in the context of chemical safety assessments. Although a number of challenges remain with progressing the evolution of toxicity safety assessments, data sharing should be considered as a key approach to accelerating the development and uptake of new best practices.