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The Role of Expert Assessment and In Silico Predictions in Determining Genotoxic Risk of N-Nitrosamine Impuritiespdf file
Updated Dermal Sensitisation Thresholds derived using an in silico expert system and an expanded Local Lymph Node Assay datasetpdf fileDerek Nexus
Using Data Associated with a Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity Adverse Outcome Network to Aid Safety Assessmentspdf file
Using privacy-preserving federated learning to enable pre-competitive cross-industry knowledge sharing and improve QSAR modelspdf fileEffiris
Interrogating AOP-Wiki knowledge as a networkpdf fileKaptis
How Well Do Defined Approaches Predict the Human Skin Sensitisation Potential of Previously Untested Chemicals?
Validation statistics for negative predictions in Derek Nexus 2022 1.0pdf fileDerek Nexus
Chapter 3: Control Strategies for Mutagenic ImpuritiesMirabilisDerek NexusSarah Nexus
Chapter 9: Mutagenic Impurities – Assessment of Fate and Control OptionsDerek NexusSarah NexusMirabilis
Chapter 17: Use of Lhasa Limited Products for the In Silico Prediction of Drug ToxicityDerek NexusSarah NexusMirabilisZeneth
Chapter 7: Compound- and Class-Specific Limits for Common Impurities in PharmaceuticalsDerek NexusSarah NexusLhasa Carcinogenicity DatabaseMirabilisAI/PDE Data Sharing Project
Using adverse outcome pathways to contextualise (Q)SAR predictions for reproductive toxicity – A case study with aromatase inhibitionKaptis
Nitrosamine Reactivity: A Survey of Reactions and Purge ProcessesMirabilis
Developing structure-activity relationships for N-nitrosamine activityDerek Nexus
Supporting more scientifically driven risk assessments under ICH Q3Dpdf fileElemental Impurities
Introduction to ICH Q3D guidance_The move from heavy metal testing to ICH Q3Dpdf fileElemental Impurities
Supporting more scientifically driven risk assessments under ICH Q3D: Elemental Impurities Data Sharing_Webinar RecordingElemental Impurities
Employing an adverse outcome pathway framework for weight-of-evidence assessment with application to the ICH S1B guidance addendumKaptis
ICH Q3D Drug Product Elemental Risk Assessment: The use of an elemental impurities excipients databaseElemental Impurities
How carboxylic and sulfonic acid halides are represented within Derek Nexus and Sarah Nexuspdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus
Automated chromophore identification to support prediction of light-mediated reactivitypdf fileZeneth
Structural features affecting nitrosamine carcinogenic potencypdf file
In Silico Prediction of Genotoxicity Current Applications and Future Perspectivespdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus
Resolving conflicting data sources to a single call in Sarah Nexus [an infographic]pdf fileSarah Nexus
Zeneth Member Type Infographicpdf fileZeneth

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