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Setaria 1.2 Installation GuideFebruary 2018pdf fileDerek NexusSetaria
Setaria 1.2 Release NotesFebruary 2018pdf fileDerek NexusSetaria
Skin Sensitisation - Negative Predictions, Validations and Integrated Testing StrategiesOctober 2016pdf fileDerek Nexus
Skin sensitisation - What place does in silico have within a defined approach?March 2018pdf fileDerek Nexus
Skin sensitisation: Now and the FutureMarch 2016pdf fileDerek Nexus
Skin sensitisation: The implementation of potency predictions in Derek NexusMarch 2016pdf fileDerek Nexus
Skin Sensitsation BrochureJanuary 2018pdf fileDerek NexusVitic Nexus
Strengthening the Case for in silico GTI Assessments.pdfMarch 2013pdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus
Structure-activity Relationship Suggestion by a Neuro-Fuzzy Logic Engine.pdfMay 2011pdf fileDerek Nexus
Structure-Activity Relationships for Respiratory Sensitisation and Occupational Asthma Caused by Low Molecular Weight ChemicalsSeptember 2015pdf fileDerek Nexus
Structure-Reactivity and Reactivity-Toxicity Relationships - Intelligent Testing .pdfJune 2010pdf fileDerek Nexus
Supporting members with the emerging ICH M7 guidelines.pdfDecember 2013pdf fileDerek NexusSarah NexusVitic NexusZeneth
The application of SARs to the prediction of the mutagenic activity of chemicalsJanuary 2012Derek Nexus
The implementation of potency predictions for skin sensitisation in Derek Nexus.pdfNovember 2015pdf fileDerek Nexus
The Lhasa Limited Member Reprotox Consultation Initiative.pdfMarch 2014pdf fileDerek Nexus
The Liability Load and how Lhasa Limited Focuses on Reducing itNovember 2016pdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus
The Nephrotoxicity of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)April 2015Derek Nexus
The Nephrotoxicity of Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs.pdfMarch 2015pdf fileDerek Nexus
The Scientific Basis of Negative Prediction in Derek Nexus.pdfSeptember 2014pdf fileDerek Nexus
The use of a published data set for the development of new structure-activity relationship (SAR) alerts for skin sensitisationSeptember 2010pdf fileDerek Nexus
The use of in silico tools to reduce toxicity testing.pdfOctober 2011pdf fileDerek NexusIntermediatesVitic Nexus
The use of in silico tools to support expert review under ICH M7June 2016pdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus
The use of integrated in silico solutions under the proposed ICH M7 guidelines final.pdfMarch 2014pdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus
Tolfenamic Acid - Negative - NegativeAugust 2016Derek NexusSarah Nexus
Toxicity Studies for Degradation Impurities - An Industry PerspectiveJune 2018pdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus

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