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Derek Nexus predicts human skin sensitisation. What is the rationale behind its predictivity?September 2014Derek Nexus
Derek Nexus Skin Sensitisation QMRF.pdfDecember 2017pdf fileDerek Nexus
Derek Nexus Teratogenicity QMRF.pdfDecember 2017pdf fileDerek Nexus
Derek Product PosterDecember 2016pdf fileDerek Nexus
Derek Web Service 6.0 DX-XML Results FormatJanuary 2018pdf fileDerek Nexus
Derek Web Service 6.0 Installation GuideJanuary 2018pdf fileDerek Nexus
Derek Web Service 6.0 Release NotesJanuary 2018pdf fileDerek Nexus
Derek Web Service 6.0 User GuideJanuary 2018pdf fileDerek Nexus
Derek Web ServicesMay 2015pdf file
Derek Web Services 6.0 Pipeline Pilot Installation and User GuideJanuary 2018pdf fileDerek Nexus
Deriving Compound Specific Exposure Limits for Chemicals Used in Pharmaceutical SynthesisMay 2018pdf file
Determinants of Plasma Protein Binding - an in silico studySeptember 2017pdf file
Determination of compound-specific acceptable daily intakes for 11 mutagenic carcinogens used in pharmaceutical synthesisMarch 2013
Developing an adverse outcome pathway framework for carcinogenicity from alerts in an expert rule-based systemSeptember 2018pdf fileDerek Nexus
Developing Biotransformations to Predict the Cytochrome P450 Oxidative and Reductive Dehalogenation of Haloanilines and HaloethanesJune 2011pdf fileMeteor Nexus
Developing expert in silico systemsJune 2016pdf fileDerek NexusMeteor Nexus
Developing Science within LhasaMarch 2017pdf file
Developing Structure-Activity Relationships for the Prediction of HepatotoxicityJune 2010Derek NexusMIP DILI
Development and future outlook of an in silico tool for reactivity-based purge predicitonOctober 2017pdf fileMirabilis
Development Of A Network Of Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs) For CarcinogenicitySeptember 2018Vitic NexusDerek NexusSarah Nexus
Development of Structure-Activity Relationships for Hepatotoxicity Using Proprietary Data.pdfApril 2010pdf fileDerek Nexus
Development of the EC3 prediction engine in DerekNovember 2015Derek Nexus
Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity Predictions in Derek NexusMarch 2017pdf fileDerek Nexus
Developments in Data SharingMarch 2017pdf file
Distinguishing between expert and statistical systems for application under ICH M7January 2017Derek NexusSarah Nexus

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