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Bringing Together Scientific Disciplines for Collaborative Undertakings: A Vision for Advancing the Adverse Outcome Pathway FrameworkFebruary 2021pdf fileKaptis
Beyond adverse outcome pathways: making toxicity predictions from event networks, SAR models, data and knowledgeJanuary 2021Kaptis
Development of an Adverse Outcome Pathway Network to Support an Integrated Approach to Testing and Assessment of Carcinogenic RiskDecember 2020pdf fileKaptis
Application of adverse outcome pathways (AOPs) to support genotoxicity assessmentNovember 2020pdf fileKaptis
Session 2 - Integration of adverse outcome pathways with experimental data to support the assessment of carcinogenic risk - SlidesOctober 2020pdf fileKaptis
Session 2 - Integration of adverse outcome pathways with experimental data to support the assessment of carcinogenic risk - RecordingOctober 2020Kaptis
Linking Evidence With AOPs To Produce Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment (IATA)September 2020pdf fileKaptis
Integrating Knowledge Of Carcinogenicity Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs) With Experimental Data_EMGS Data Challenge 2020September 2020pdf fileKaptisDerek NexusVitic Nexus
The Application of Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs) for Risk AssessmentMay 2020pdf fileKaptis
The application of in silico models to support decision making in toxicologyMay 2020pdf fileDerek NexusSetariaVitic NexusZenethMirabilisSarah NexusEffirisKaptis
Utilising Adverse Outcome Pathways as a Framework to Organise Evidence and Support Carcinogenicity Risk AssessmentMarch 2020pdf fileKaptis
Predicting the safety of medicines in pregnancy: A workshop reportMarch 2020Kaptis
Future Developments AOP Networks And Predicting Secondary PharmacologyJanuary 2020pdf fileEffirisKaptis
Carcinogenicity Adverse Outcome PathwaysJanuary 2020pdf fileDerek NexusKaptisVitic Nexus
Product Update 2019November 2019pdf fileDerek NexusSarah NexusZenethVitic NexusSetariaMirabilisMeteor NexusKaptisEffiris
A Case Study in Predicting hERG Activity.April 2019Derek NexusSarah NexusMirabilisMeteor NexusKaptisEffirisVitic NexusZenethSetaria
Developing AOP Networks and Making them UsefulMarch 2019pdf fileKaptis
An Overview of Lhasa Limited Collaborative Data Sharing InitiativesOctober 2017pdf fileDerek NexusETOXExcipientsIntermediatesVitic NexusEffirisiPiEKaptisMeteor NexusMIP DILIMirabilisSarah NexusSetariaZeneth

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