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Use of the bacterial reverse mutation assay to predict carcinogenicity of N-nitrosaminesComplex NitrosaminesDerek NexusSarah Nexus
Validation of Nexus v.2.5.2 for Ames Mutagenicitypdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus
Data Dos and Don’ts In Building Statistical Models For Ames Mutagenicitypdf fileSarah Nexus
Chapter 3: Control Strategies for Mutagenic ImpuritiesMirabilisDerek NexusSarah Nexus
Chapter 9: Mutagenic Impurities – Assessment of Fate and Control OptionsDerek NexusSarah NexusMirabilis
Chapter 17: Use of Lhasa Limited Products for the In Silico Prediction of Drug ToxicityDerek NexusSarah NexusMirabilisZeneth
Chapter 7: Compound- and Class-Specific Limits for Common Impurities in PharmaceuticalsDerek NexusSarah NexusLhasa Carcinogenicity DatabaseMirabilisAI/PDE Data Sharing Project
How carboxylic and sulfonic acid halides are represented within Derek Nexus and Sarah Nexuspdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus
In Silico Prediction of Genotoxicity Current Applications and Future Perspectivespdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus
Resolving conflicting data sources to a single call in Sarah Nexus [an infographic]pdf fileSarah Nexus
QSAR 2021 Addressing the global challenge of N-nitrosamine impurity assessmentpdf fileDerek NexusMirabilisSarah NexusVitic
Predicting N-Nitrosamine Activity from SARpdf fileDerek NexusSarah NexusLhasa Carcinogenicity DatabaseNitrites in Excipients
Nexus ICH M7 Expert Review Support Functionality (an infographic)pdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus
Management of pharmaceutical ICH M7 (Q)SAR predictions – The impact of model updatesDerek NexusSarah NexusVitic
The importance of expert review to clarify ambiguous situations for (Q)SAR predictions under ICH M7Derek NexusSarah Nexus
ICH M7 Expert Review Workshop: Resolving common prediction scenarios using automated arguments in Nexus 2.3 (Webinar Presentation Slides)pdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus
Are all nitrosamines concerning? A review of mutagenicity and carcinogenicity dataDerek NexusLhasa Carcinogenicity DatabaseSarah NexusVitic
Do all nitrosamines pose a significant level of genotoxic risk? (Webinar Presentation Slides)pdf fileDerek NexusLhasa Carcinogenicity DatabaseSarah Nexus
Lhasa Knowledge Suite Nexus 2.3 Release Notespdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus
Sarah Nexus Mutagenicity QMRF.pdfpdf fileSarah Nexus
ICH M7 Workshop - 2020 ICH M7 India Roadshowspdf fileDerek NexusSarah NexusZenethViticSetariaMirabilis
Lhasa and the ICH M7 Guideline - 2020 ICH M7 India Roadshowpdf fileDerek NexusSarah NexusViticSetariaMirabilis
GSK MI risk assessment process Camicinal at al - 2020 ICH M7 India Roadshowpdf fileDerek NexusSarah NexusVitic
Hazard Assessment of Potentially Mutagenic Impurities - 2020 ICH M7 India Roadshowspdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus
ICH M7 - Regulatory Updates and Industry Practices - 2020 ICH M7 India Roadshowspdf fileDerek NexusSarah Nexus

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