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Product Update 2019pdf fileDerek NexusSarah NexusZenethViticSetariaMirabilisMeteor NexusLhasa Carcinogenicity DatabaseKaptisEffiris
Introduction to Lhasa - Applying ICH M7 - What makes an expertpdf fileDerek NexusMirabilisSarah NexusMeteor NexusVitic
Modelling Simple Toxicity Endpoints: Alerts, (Q)SARs and BeyondDerek NexusMeteor NexusSarah NexusVitic
A Case Study in Predicting hERG Activity.Derek NexusSarah NexusMirabilisMeteor NexusKaptisEffirisViticZenethSetaria
Beyond Simple Chemical Structure Similarity Assessment (2)pdf fileMeteor NexusEU-ToxRisk
49th ICGM Product Manager Updatepdf fileDerek NexusMeteor NexusMirabilisSarah NexusSetariaViticZeneth
Nexus 2.2: An Overview of Key New Features - Derek and Meteor NexusDerek NexusMeteor Nexus
Meteor Nexus Brochurepdf fileMeteor Nexus
Lhasa Knowledge Suite Nexus 2.2 Release Notespdf fileDerek NexusMeteor NexusSarah Nexus
Lhasa Knowledge Suite Nexus 2.2 Installation Guidepdf fileDerek NexusMeteor NexusSarah Nexus
An Overview of Lhasa Limited Collaborative Data Sharing Initiativespdf fileAromatic AminesDerek NexusElemental ImpuritieseTOXExcipientsIntermediatesAI/PDE Data Sharing ProjectViticEffiriseTRANSAFEEU-ToxRiskiPiEKaptisLhasa Carcinogenicity DatabaseMeteor NexusMIP DILIMirabilisSarah NexusSetariaZeneth
46th ICGM Product Manager Updatepdf fileDerek NexusMeteor NexusMirabilisSarah NexusSetariaViticZeneth
Quantifying confidence in the reporting of metabolic biotransformationsMeteor Nexus
A k-Nearest Neighbours Approach Using Metabolism-related Fingerprints to Improve In Silico Metabolite RankingMeteor NexusSarah Nexus
How Meteor Nexus Predicts - Detailed.pdfpdf fileMeteor Nexus
How Meteor Nexus Predicts.pdfpdf fileMeteor Nexus
Mutagenicity Prediction Using In Silico Methods: Gigabyte-Sized Petri Dishespdf fileDerek NexusZenethViticSarah NexusMirabilisMeteor Nexus
Is preclinical data sharing the new norm?Derek NexuseTOXExcipientsIntermediatesMeteor NexusVitic
Practical examples of the new metabolism ranking system in Meteor Nexus.pdfpdf fileMeteor Nexus
Assessing Confidence in Predictions Using Veracity and Utility – A Case Study on the Prediction of Mammalian Metabolism by Meteor NexusMeteor Nexus
Predicting Metabolites - Enhancing An Expert System With Machine Learning.pdfpdf fileMeteor Nexus
How To - Filtering Mass DefectMeteor Nexus
Biotransformation Pathways of Biocides and Pharmaceuticals in Freshwater CrustaceansMeteor Nexus
Use of Novel Atomic Fragment Based DescriptorsDerek NexusMeteor Nexus
Drug metabolism in silico – the knowledge-based expert system approach. Historical perspectives and current strategiesMeteor Nexus

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