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Enhancing global and local decision making for chemical safety assessments through increasing the availability of dataVitic
Using Data Associated with a Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity Adverse Outcome Network to Aid Safety Assessmentspdf file
Using privacy-preserving federated learning to enable pre-competitive cross-industry knowledge sharing and improve QSAR modelspdf fileEffiris
Using adverse outcome pathways to contextualise (Q)SAR predictions for reproductive toxicity – A case study with aromatase inhibitionKaptis
QSAR 2021 - leveraging data from multiple sources to build QSARs through curation and federated learning in Effiris.pdf fileEffiris
Effiris_Improving in silico secondary pharmacology profiling using federated QSAR modelspdf fileEffiris
2021 Webinar - An overview of Effiris 2.1; An enhanced qualitative model suite for anticipating and mitigating adverse drug reactions – Slides and recordingpdf fileEffiris
Beyond adverse outcome pathways: making toxicity predictions from event networks, SAR models, data and knowledgeKaptis
Session 1 - Creating a DART AOP network to enable improved decision-making during risk assessments - Recording
Session 1 - Creating a DART AOP network to enable improved decision-making during risk assessments - Slidespdf file
The importance of expert review to clarify ambiguous situations for (Q)SAR predictions under ICH M7Derek NexusSarah Nexus
Consortium-led federated QSAR models for secondary pharmacology - preparing the datapdf fileEffiris
Predicting the safety of medicines in pregnancy: A workshop reportKaptis
Utilising ChEMBL data for building secondary pharmacology modelspdf fileEffiris
Organising data and knowledge to support the identification of chemicals with endocrine disruption potentialpdf file
Developing AOP Networks and Making them Usefulpdf fileKaptis
Nexus 2.2: An Overview of Key New Features - Sarah NexusSarah Nexus
Carbamates and ICH M7 classification: Making use of expert knowledgeDerek NexusSarah Nexus

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