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2012 virtual ICGM6 ToxML.pdfOctober 2012pdf file
Adding In Vivo Mammalian Cytogenetics Data to SEND and ToxML.pdfMarch 2015pdf file
An In Silico Approach To The Prediction Of S-Oxides Of Benzothiophenes, Dibenzothiophenes And Other Sulphur HeterocyclesJune 2010pdf fileMeteor Nexus
Chapter 17: In Silico Drug Degradation PredicitonSeptember 2018Zeneth
Developing Biotransformations to Predict the Cytochrome P450 Oxidative and Reductive Dehalogenation of Haloanilines and HaloethanesJune 2011pdf fileMeteor Nexus
In Silico Drug Degradation Assessment in Early Phase DevelopmentMarch 2016pdf fileZeneth
In Silico Prediction of Biotransformation Pathways - Decarboxylation of Aliphatic and Aromatic CompoundsSeptember 2010pdf fileMeteor Nexus
In Silico Prediction of Biotransformation Pathways: Amines and Related Compounds that Generate Isocyanates and Nitrile OxidesOctober 2009pdf fileMeteor Nexus
In Silico Prediction of Biotransformation Pathways: Furans and Thiophenes that Generate Epoxides, Aldehydes and S-OxidesOctober 2009pdf fileMeteor Nexus
In Silico Prediction of Reaction Intermediates.May 2008pdf fileMeteor Nexus
METEOR. Some Recent Improvements in the Prediction of Oxidative N-Dealkylation BiotransformationsAugust 2004pdf fileMeteor Nexus
Reactions in unusual mediaMarch 2004
Recent Advances in Meteor: Metabolism Prediction for Heteroaromatic Ring SystemsOctober 2005pdf fileMeteor Nexus
Spatial requirements of the antagonist binding site of the NK2 receptorMarch 2001
The Addition of ‘Prototype Biotransformations’ to a Knowledge Based Software Program to Speed Up the Elucidation of Uncommon MetabolitesJune 2011pdf fileMeteor Nexus
The First de Novo-Designed Antagonists of the Human NK2 ReceptorAugust 2005
ToxML - a Data Exchange Standard with Content Controlled Vocabulary Used to Build Better (Q)SAR Models.pdfJune 2012pdf fileDerek NexusVitic Nexus
ToxML - Community Based Development of a Common Data Exchange Standard for Toxicology.pdfSeptember 2013pdf file
ToxML a structured and serialisable exchange standard for toxicology.pdfMarch 2013pdf file

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