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A pharma-wide approach to address the genotoxicity prediction of primary aromatic amines.Aromatic Amines
Assessing Confidence in Predictions Using Veracity and Utility – A Case Study on the Prediction of Mammalian Metabolism by Meteor NexusMeteor Nexus
Assessment and Reproducibility of Quantitative Structure–Activity Relationship Models by the Nonexpert
Assessment of the dermal sensitisation potency of extractables and leachables using existing data and in silico methodspdf fileViticDerek Nexus
Capturing and curating in vitro data from diverse sources to support MIE investigation for hepatotoxicitypdf file
Characterisation of data resources for in silico modelling: benchmark datasets for ADME properties
Developing Structure-Activity Relationships for the Prediction of HepatotoxicityDerek NexusMIP DILI
Investigating Adverse Outcome Pathway Models for Mitochondrial Toxicity.wmvDerek Nexus
Investigation of an in vitro hepatotoxicity dataset to search for co-occurrence of signals amongst assays.pdf file
Modeling the Mutagenic Potential of Primary Aminespdf file
Modelling Simple Toxicity Endpoints: Alerts, (Q)SARs and BeyondDerek NexusMeteor NexusSarah NexusVitic
New structural alerts for Ames mutagenicity discovered using emerging pattern mining techniquesDerek Nexus
Updated Dermal Sensitisation Thresholds derived using an in silico expert system and an expanded Local Lymph Node Assay datasetpdf fileDerek Nexus
Updating the Dermal Sensitisation Thresholds using an expanded dataset and an in silico expert systemDerek Nexus

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