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Vitic Nexus

The chemical database and information management system, offering researchers and scientists rapid access to searchable toxicological information

  • Vitic Nexus is a chemical database and information management system. It offers researchers and scientists rapid access to searchable toxicological information.
  • A trusted toxicity expert and management system, Vitic Nexus contains data implemented by scientists at Lhasa Limited, who continually work on the toxicity database with current toxicological knowledge.
  • Reviewing the data in Vitic Nexus is the quick, inexpensive way to identify potentially toxic chemicals, and therefore reject unsuitable drug candidates.


Why do you need Vitic Nexus?

Data Sharing


Features and Benefits


Why do you need Vitic Nexus?

Whether your industry is cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, or academia, Vitic Nexus enables you to:

  • Evaluate the potential toxicity of existing or prospective chemicals through exploitation of large chemical libraries.
  • Make decisions about which chemicals are likely to have ‘more favourable’ toxic profiles when you do not have a complete experimental profile of the chemical.
  • Save time and money by selecting compounds with a favourable outlook, rather than carrying out toxicity experiments on a large number of chemicals.
  • Share internal toxicity data and knowledge with your colleagues by capturing it within Vitic Nexus.
  • Improve the properties of a chemical in the R&D pipeline by slightly redesigning its molecular structure.
  • Learn using the extensive data in this expertly curated database as a toxicology training tool.

Data Sharing

In keeping with our philosophy that shared knowledge leads to shared progress, Lhasa Limited is a facilitator of collaborative knowledge and pre-competitive data sharing projects. Lhasa has a reputation as an expert in our field, trusted by our members to handle sensitive and confidential intellectual property (Elder et al. 2015).

Vitic is the core component of various data sharing projects. Our involvement in such projects includes:

  • Leading and supporting cross-company learning through pre-competitive data sharing. Projects include excipients, elemental impurities and production intermediates.
  • Being a central contributor to the eTOX project through hosting and managing all confidential data shared by leading pharmaceutical companies.
  • Contributing to the EU MIP-DILI project through curation and hosting of commercially sensitive data.

To see all of Lhasa’s data sharing projects visit the Collaboration & Data sharing web pages.


For more information on Vitic Nexus, or to request a demonstration, please contact us


Elder et al. (2015) ‘Mutagenic Impurities: Precompetitive/Competitive Collaborative and Data Sharing Initiatives’, Organic Process Research & Development, vol.19, no. 11, May, pp. 1486-1494. http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/acs.oprd.5b00128

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