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Nexus is the hub of the Lhasa Knowledge Suite, where we have brought together our powerful, industry-leading chemical prediction and query programs.


Nexus is an intuitive, easy-to-use starting point for chemical predictions or queries. The Lhasa-developed, integrated structure editor enables you to draw chemically-intelligent structures or import existing structures in many file formats. You can also import SDfiles for batch processing in Derek and Sarah Nexus. 

Using Nexus, you can organise your projects into folders and keep track of multiple predictions or queries as you run them.

After a prediction or query, the Nexus results windows provide all the information that you need as part of your decision support system for your overall risk strategy. Furthermore, predicted structures from one Lhasa Limited program can also be submitted for processing in another within the same interface.

Key Features of Nexus

Nexus provides the following key features:

  • Integrated Lhasa Limited structure editor — this removes the need to link to external, third-party structure editors.
  • Support for multiple file types:
    • Molfiles (.mol)
    • SDfiles (.sd, .sdf)
    • ChemDraw files (.cdx)
    • Symyx Draw files (.skc)
    • Ceres files (.cxs)
    • SMILES files (.sm, .smi, .smile, .smiles)
    • InChI code
  • Support for multiple knowledge bases — you can add and link to multiple Derek Nexus or Meteor Nexus knowledge bases and use them in predictions simultaneously. This could include making use of Lhasa-supplied knowledge bases and your own, custom knowledge bases. 
  • SDfile handling — when importing SDfiles for use in Derek and Sarah Nexus batch processing, you can:
    • See the details of the individual structures within an SDfile.
    • Process all files within the SDfile or select one or more structures for processing.
  • Integration of Lhasa programs - depending on your licence agreement, Derek Nexus, Sarah Nexus and Meteor Nexus are available within the same interface. Nexus also includes links to:
    • Vitic - in-house or hosted by Lhasa Limited
    • Derek Knowledge Editor
  • Responsive web help - easy to access on devices of all sizes, the Nexus help includes online help and video tutorials. 

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