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Meteor Features and Benefits

Meteor Nexus has various features and benefits. To find out more about how Meteor Nexus can help you, please get in touch.

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Metabolite Identification

Meteor Nexus’ comprehensive knowledge of metabolic transformations ensures structure elucidation of experimentally seen metabolites.

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Accurate Metabolite Ranking

The methodologies in Meteor rank predicted metabolites by taking into account experimental data and the chemical environment of the site of metabolism, ensuring presentation of the most likely metabolites.

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Identifies the Site of Metabolism

The fully integrated SMARTCyp model ranks the most likely sites of metabolism for compounds that are liable to cytochrome P450 mediated metabolism.

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Extensive Metabolism Knowledge

Drawing on over 35 years of experience, Lhasa’s expert scientists implement Meteor biotransformations utilising public and proprietary data, ensuring vast coverage of biotransformations.

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Predictions are clearly represented and contain detailed supporting evidence associated with the biotransformations predicted. Expert commentary, including a review of data, mechanistic rationale and explanation of the structure activity relationship are also included.

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Customisable Reports

Meteor incorporates a reporting framework that allows (.doc .pdf .xlsx and .sdf) file export. Report templates are fully customisable by the end user.

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User Control

Meteor incorporates three prediction methodologies allowing the option to tailor results as required. With this control, only the most likely metabolic routes for the query compound are predicted whilst the flexibility to spot obscure metabolites is retained.

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Early Screen for Toxic Metabolites

Using Meteor within the Nexus platform gives direct access to toxicity predictions and data from Derek, Sarah and Vitic within the predicted metabolic tree, improving workflow efficiency.

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Reduces Risk in R&D

Save time and money by identifying reactive, potentially adduct-forming intermediates and quickly assessing their toxicity through Derek, Sarah or Vitic Nexus.

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