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Kaptis Features and Benefits

Kaptis has various features and benefits. Read on to find out more: 

KAPTIS ICONS Informed Decision Making

Informed Decision-Making

Kaptis will assist with informed decision-making within the drug development process through using networks of Adverse Outcome Pathways (AOPs) to better understand toxicity, and through helping users to decide which assays are most suitable for specific molecular initiating events (MIEs) / Key Events (KEs).


Save Time and Money

Organisations can use Kaptis to store AOPs and associated evidence centrally resulting in increased visibility across teams and reduced duplication of work, saving time and money. Furthermore, using Kaptis to inform the drug development process may lead to less toxicity testing during the screening process.

KAPTIS ICONS Cross Department Transparency

Cross-Department Transparency

Using Kaptis as a central repository for organisational knowledge will lead to more transparency across an organisation.

KAPTIS ICONS Risk prediction

A Step Towards Risk Prediction

As well as being a database, in the future, Kaptis will also contain reasoning to assist risk assessments.


Helping to Meet Regulatory Guidelines

The ICH S1 guidelines establish the need for carcinogenicity studies for pharmaceuticals. Within the current revision proposal for this guideline, alternative assay data may be used to replace 2-year rodent studies. Since Kaptis contains carcinogenicity AOPs, Kaptis may assist you with meeting the revised ICH S1 proposal, as well as broader areas of regulatory toxicological assessments using AOP analysis.

KAPTIS ICON Understanding of Toxicity

Increased Understanding of Toxicity

Kaptis will be a platform for organisations to store experimental results, to review AOPs and to better understand mechanisms of toxicity relating to compounds of interest.

KAPTIS ICON Flexible Development

Flexible Development

With a lightweight project structure and a flexible approach, Lhasa will ensure members of the Kaptis consortium have a chance to influence the future direction of the project to ensure maximum benefit.  

KAPTIS ICON  Sustainable

Sustainable Development Plans

With a clear sustainability plan, Lhasa can ensure that Kaptis will continue to be developed in the long term, with endpoints being developed and implemented into Kaptis at a suitable pace. Lhasa also has the internal expertise and resource to execute the aims and the vision of the project.

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