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Our Story

Achieving Innovation Through Collaborative Progress

We were founded on the revolutionary idea of sharing proprietary chemical data and knowledge in order to deliver mutual benefit to the scientific community. But, how can you enable the sharing of proprietary chemical knowledge and data between competing organisations? How can you encourage companies to share their chemical space to benefit both themselves, and the wider scientific community?

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela.

The Problem

Before Lhasa Limited was established, chemical companies were sitting on large amounts of proprietary synthetic data relating to their research chemical space. As the use of computers in the life sciences became routine, LHASA, a piece of software to assist organic chemists in designing multistep routes to complex molecules, was launched. LHASA endeavoured to revolutionise the development of synthetic routes by pooling the knowledge of vast numbers of synthetic chemists. But there was a problem - data.

Such systems are only as good as the data used to create them, and publicly available data did not cover the proprietary chemical space of research organisations. But why would it? This data is commercially sensitive. These organisations needed a way to share their chemical space without losing their competitive advantage!

Fortunately, they created us! 

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The Solution

Lhasa Limited was founded in 1983 through the collaboration of a number of chemical companies who agreed to share their proprietary data and knowledge to improve the capability of the LHASA system. 

Founded as a not-for-profit organisation and educational charity, we pioneered precompetitive chemical data sharing for mutual benefit within chemistry and the life sciences. The data and knowledge shared with us was used to generate synthetic rules for the LHASA system that did not compromise the competitive advantage of the collaborating organisations whilst delivering mutual benefit for all.

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The Present

Today, our founding principle remains the same, and we continue to push scientific boundaries whilst maintaining our position as the pre-eminent honest broker. We are driving forward science and working collaboratively across industries to deliver innovative solutions that contribute to the development of safe and effective medicines, chemicals and cosmetics.

Since 1983 we have delivered solutions in the fields of toxicology, metabolism, degradation, and purge chemistry, through our world-leading software tools. Today these include: Derek Nexus, Sarah Nexus, Meteor Nexus, Vitic, Mirabilis and Zeneth. In parallel, we have initiated, co-ordinated and participated in many data sharing initiatives to enhance knowledge and understanding of chemical properties.


The Future

We are the honest broker in chemistry and the life sciences and we are continually trusted by our partners to successfully deliver transparent, scientifically robust and innovative software solutions based on our ethos of “shared knowledge, shared progress”. It is our belief that progress never ends, so we are keen to talk to you about how we can help solve your problems and enhance scientific understanding further.

Tagline - Shared knowledge, shared progress

* Lhasa Limited currently have a Research Collaboration Agreement (RCA) with the FDA. The RCA was initiated on the culmination of previous 5-year agreements. 

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