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Our Scientific Advisory Board

The Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) provides support and guidance into the scientific direction of Lhasa Limited.

It was formed as a sub-committee of the Board of Directors in June 2006 to provide support for a focus on scientific strategy, allowing the Board of Directors to concentrate on the governance of Lhasa Limited. Like the Board of Directors, the SAB is a voluntary group.

In addition to their contribution to the advancement of existing products, members of the SAB provide invaluable support and input into proposals for the direction of Lhasa Limited’s scientific development.

Dr Chris Barber 450

Dr Chris Barber

Lhasa Limited Chief Executive Officer 

Andreas Bender Lhasa Limited SAB member

Dr Andreas Bender

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Darren Green Lhasa Limited SAB member

Dr Darren Green

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Barry Jones Lhasa Limited SAB Board member

Dr Barry Jones

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Philip Judson 450

Dr Philip Judson

Scientific Advisory Board Member

matt martin lhasa sab picture

Dr Matthew Martin

Scientific Advisory Board Member

bao nguyen lhasa sab picture

Dr Bao Nguyen

Scientific Advisory Board Member

The SAB has already made a significant contribution to the scientific direction of Lhasa Limited and with their further support and the support of our members, our science will continue to meet the needs of all and help us deliver shared knowledge and shared progress.

If you are interested in offering your services as a member of the SAB, please contact Lhasa Limited or any of the above members.

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