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Our Board

Lhasa Limited is a Limited Company and registered charity and, as such, our Directors also act as Trustees of the Charity.

The Lhasa Limited Board of Directors/Trustees is responsible for the governance of the Charity and formally meets on a quarterly basis to review the progress of the Company and to support the work of Company managers under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer.

The current Board of Directors/Trustees consists of the following:

Steve Marsland

Steve Marsland

Deputy Chairman

Andy Bowie 450

Andy Bowie

Immediate Past Chairman

4 Richard Brennan Lhasa Limited Board Member

Dr Richard Brennan


5 Krista Dobo Lhasa Limited Board Member

Dr Krista Dobo


Steve Gutsell 450px

Dr Steve Gutsell


Lhasa Board Member, Jim Harvey

Dr Jim Harvey


Duncan Ratcliffe, Lhasa Limited Director/Trustee

Duncan Ratcliffe


Marcus Mills 450px

Marcus Mills


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