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Vitic Nitrites – a new and evolved database that supports more scientifically driven nitrosamine impurity assessments

Lhasa Limited is thrilled to announce the update of the Vitic Nitrites data sharing initiative, reflecting the expansion of the database to support more scientifically driven nitrosamine impurity assessments.

The evolution of the initiative means that for the first time, shared data on nitrite levels in reagents and solvents will be available through the Nitrites database. The data sharing initiative aims to increase knowledge, save time, and aid in compiling assessments for risk of nitrosamine formation in drug products and the API.

The Nitrites data sharing initiative is part of our overall response to the global nitrosamine crisis. By harnessing the high quality, expertly curated dataset, scientists can make more confident decisions concerning risk assessments. Together with members of the consortium, we continue to positively impact the wider scientific community by making new knowledge more accessible.

What’s new

The 2023.1.0 Nitrites database contains:

  • 162 new results records
  • 966 total results records
  • 17 new summary records
  • 144 total summary records

The expansion of the database reflects the success of the collaboration between Lhasa and members of the consortium. Interested in joining? Get in touch to find out more.

*For more information on the Nitrite in excipients data, please refer to the Nitrites consortium’s first publication.