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Refining chemical safety assessments through data sharing

Lhasa Limited is delighted to announce the release of new data to the Vitic Excipients database. Excipients, a pre-competitive data sharing initiative, facilitates the anonymous sharing of excipient and vehicle toxicity data, helping members streamline their risk assessments.

Consortium members anonymously contribute data to a shared database, which is expertly curated by Lhasa Scientists. The expansion of the database signifies the successful collaboration between Lhasa and consortium members, increasing accessibility of new knowledge to positively impact the scientific community.

With this latest update, The Vitic Excipients 2024.1.0 database now contains over 3,700 single and repeat dose toxicity records for 1,383 formulations.

Through data sharing, consortium members are not only making more informed decisions in their risk assessments, but also promoting industry progression.

Interested in joining the consortium? Get in touch to learn more.