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Rapid expansion of the Nitrites database continues with latest data release

Lhasa Limited is delighted to announce the second release of new data to its Vitic Nitrites database users.

The Nitrites data sharing initiative is a key part of our global response to the nitrosamine crisis. Leveraging a high-quality, curated dataset, empowers scientists to make confident risk assessments.

What’s new

With newly added data records and substances, the 2023.2.0 Nitrites database contains:

  • 383 new results records
  • 1349 total results records
  • 15 new summary records
  • 159 total summary records
  • 13 new product identifiers
  • 105 total product identifiers

The fast growth of the database signifies the successful collaboration between Lhasa and consortium members, who are contributing to wider accessibility of new knowledge, positively impacting the scientific community.

Interested in joining the consortium? Get in touch to find out more. Alternatively, learn more about how our data sharing initiatives are supporting members risk assessments.