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New data released to Vitic AI/PDE project to enhance the safety of drug substances

Lhasa Limited is pleased to announce the release of new data to its Vitic Acceptable Intake (AI) and Permitted Daily Exposure (PDE) database users.

Initiated in 2017 and using Lhasa’s Vitic platform, the AI/PDE project brings together top pharmaceutical organisations to share and harmonise data that is easily searchable.

With the newly added data records and substances, the 2022.1.0 database now contains:

1 new data record

281 total data records

184 total substances

AI/PDE data sharing enhances the safety of drug substances and streamlines your risk assessment work flow, saving you time and money.

The database is one of several projects initiated by Lhasa Limited that enables pre-competitive data sharing.

Get in touch now to discover the benefits of joining the Vitic data sharing consortium.