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New data released into the Aromatic Amines Data Sharing Initiative

We’re delighted to announce that we have released more data to our Aromatic Amines Data Sharing Initiative members.

Using Lhasa’s Vitic platform, the Aromatic Amines project is a collaboration of pharmaceutical organisations sharing data from Ames mutagenicity assays for primary aromatic amines.

The project focuses on one chemical class, aromatic amines, for which it is notoriously difficult to predict Ames activity. The remit of the project is to collect Ames data for the aromatic amines, perform further data analysis and refine aromatic amine mutagenicity predictions.

The 2021.1 Aromatic Amines Database contains the following data:

  • New data records = 1,826
  • Total data records = 16,780
  • New substances = 97
  • Total substances = 1,042

Want to know more about Lhasa Limited’s Aromatic Amines project? Get in touch!