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New data released into our Nitrites in Excipients Database

Date: 14 December 2021

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A collaborative data sharing project for assessing the levels of nitrites in excipients, the nitrites in excipients consortium allows members to assess the likelihood that a nitrate or nitrite will react to form a nitrosamine. 

Through data sharing and consistent member contributions, the database is constantly growing, and therefore providing a better indication of risk.

The 2021.4 database contains the following data: 

  • New Excipient results records = 78
  • New Excipient summary records = 5*
  • New Excipient records = 2

The 2021.4 database marks the 4th data release this year, and the 6th data release since the projects inception in 2020 bringing the total database records to:

  • 678 data records in the Excipients Results table
  • 117 data records in the Excipient Summary table
  • This data covers 79 excipients

Find out more about the Nitrites in Excipients data sharing initiative or enquire about getting involved

* The Excipient summary table has been updated to take into account the new and modified records in the Excipient results table. This may have led to additional records and/or changes to existing records.

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    Lhasa Limited releases new data to Nitrites in Excipients project users.

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