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Mirabilis 3.2 has been released to members today

Mirabilis 3.2 has been released to Mirabilis members today.

This release includes software enhancements and an updated knowledge base, 2020.1.

Software Enhancements

With Mirabilis 3.2 some key software improvements include; The ability to assess impurity purging through properties such as solubility and volatility at the stage where the impurity is introduced, the option to select a control strategy within the software, which will also be pulled through to a report and additional reporting updates.

Knowledge Base Updates

New Purge Factors: A total of 1266 new purge factors have been added to the Mirabilis knowledge base matrix as a result of a new expert elicitation exercise.

Changes to Purge Factors: A total of 66 existing cells required a change to the purge factor and have been modified in the Mirabilis knowledge base. The reasons behind the changes were: a greater definition of the scope of conditions, and to improve consistency.

Additional Knowledge Cells: A total of 20 cells related to the N-Nitroso impurity type have been populated with knowledge curated by Lhasa Limited.

The 2020.1 knowledge base status is as follows:

  • Total number of impurity classes 26
  • Total number of reaction classes 80
  • Total number of purge values 2,080

Mirabilis users can read about the software enhancements and knowledge base updates in detail within the current Release Notes.