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Lhasa Limited unveil Mirabilis 4 – introducing a conditions-based approach for predicting reactivity, solubility and volatility

Lhasa Limited is thrilled to unveil the release of Mirabilis version 4, our software tool for improving the evaluation of carry-over risk for potentially mutagenic impurities in drug substance synthesis.  

Initially released to cloud members, this exciting update incorporates a new and more accurate approach for predicting reactivity, known as the conditions-based approachbesides including predictions for solubility and volatility purges for the first time.  

What else can you expect from Mirabilis 4? 

  • A modern and intuitive display – a task list is displayed to guide users through the purge assessment process. For example, entering the API dose, importing the route, defining reactions, identifying the impurities to purge, and more. 
  • Import synthetic routes directly – Mirabilis 4 supports route imports from ChemDraw, Biovia, or the route can be manually drawn using the chemical structure editor. 

Coming soon to Mirabilis 4… 

Our scientists and developers are continuously improving Mirabilis. In the New Year, Mirabilis will incorporate predictions of reactive by-products (e.g. nitrosamines) that may form from a specific combination of conditions. This sought-after feature will flag such situations to the user so that potential risk will be highlighted. 

Would you like access to the latest version of Mirabilis? Please reach out to us.