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Vitic Complex Nitrosamines database more than doubles in size since launch

Lhasa Limited is pleased to announce the third release of new data to Vitic Complex Nitrosamines database users, with the database more than doubling in size since its inception.

The aim of the Complex Nitrosamines data sharing initiative is to share Ames data on structurally complex nitrosamines, allowing consortium members to use mutagenicity studies from the shared database to further understand the risks associated with their potential nitrosamine impurities.

With regular anonymous contributions from pharmaceutical members, the database is continuing to expand, doubling in size since its inception in 2021.

The 2023.2.0 database now contains 94 nitrosamine structure records. The vast majority (85) of these nitrosamines are structurally complex and/or API-like or API derived nitrosamines. In addition, most of the data records (2,571) are bacterial Ames mutagenicity records on 94 substances, and the database also includes three in vitro mammalian cell HPRT gene mutation assay results on one substance.

Are you interested in joining the Complex Nitrosamines data sharing consortium? Get in touch to learn more.

In the meantime, read about the benefits of joining the Complex Nitrosamines Consortium in our recent blog post.