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Lhasa Limited releases new data to its Vitic Excipients Project users

Created in 2008 and using Lhasa’s Vitic platform, Vitic Excipients is one of several projects initiated by Lhasa Limited that enables pre-competitive data sharing.

The newly released 2019.1.0 Excipients database contains the following data:

  • New data records = 176
  • Total data records = 3,595
  • New substances = 67
  • Total substances = 1,243

Overall Content of the Excipients Database

Data has been added to the following toxicity tables:

  • There are now 3,298 data records in Single and Repeat Dose, of which 176 are new records.
  • This data covers 1,182 substances, of which 67 are new substances.
  • Tolerability of single and repeat dose studies:
  • 2,547 records as Tolerated without findings.
  • 595 records as Tolerated with findings.
  • 101 records as Not tolerated.
  • 55 records as Inconclusive.