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Lhasa Limited releases new data to its Elemental Impurities users

Date: 19 July 2018


Led by Lhasa Limited, the Elemental Impurities group is a collaborative data-sharing project. One of several projects initiated by the pharmaceutical industry, in partnership with Lhasa Limited, the Elemental Impurities project enables pre-competitive data sharing.

Initiated in 2015, the collaboration is designed to share analytical data on the levels of trace elements within batches of excipients used in drug formulation. The project aims to increase understanding of the level of risk posed by elemental impurities present in excipients. If you need to know about the risks posed by elemental impurities in excipients, then you may benefit from joining this consortium.

Other benefits of joining the collaboration include:

  • Utilising Proprietary Data: Joining this data sharing venture gives you the chance to make use of existing information on elemental impurity levels, present in a wide range of pharmaceutical excipients, which is not in the public domain.
  • Advancing the Knowledge of Elemental Impurities: The sharing of data with others facilitates more scientifically driven elemental impurities risk assessments.
  • Continually Expanding Database: Consistent member contributions mean that the database is constantly growing. The newly released Elemental Impurities 2018.1 database boasts:
    • 1,490 new data records
    • A total of 7,214 data records
    • 58 new excipients
    • A total of 264 excipients


To find out more about the Elemental Impurities group, or if you are interested in joining, please get in touch.

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    Today, Lhasa Limited released a new Elemental Impurities Database. The Elemental Impurities group is a collaborative data-sharing project initiated by the pharmaceutical industry.

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