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Lhasa Limited releases new data to Aromatic Amines database users

Lhasa Limited is delighted to announce the release of new data to its Vitic Aromatic Amines database users.

The Aromatic Amines data sharing initiative is a collaboration of pharmaceutical organisations sharing data from Ames mutagenicity assays for primary aromatic amines.

With the newly added data records and substances, the 2022.1.0 data base now contains:

1,278 new data records

18,026 total data records

61 new substances

1,103 total substances

Consistent data donations mean that the Aromatic Amines database continues to grow. By participating in the consortium, members are helping to advance understanding and predictability of the Ames test outcome for this challenging chemical class.

Would you like to join a data sharing consortium that is contributing to industry progression? Get in touch to learn more.