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Lhasa Limited release functionality to predict the carcinogenic potency of nitrosamines

In concordance with the latest regulatory guidance on establishing acceptable intake (AI) limits for N-Nitrosamines, Lhasa Limited is pleased to announce the addition of nitrosamine carcinogenic potency categorisation approach (CPCA) assessment functionality to the latest version of Derek Nexus!

Lhasa’s CPCA assessment functionality, now freely available to all Derek Nexus users, readily assigns nitrosamine query structures to a predicted carcinogenic potency category and provides the corresponding AI limit. Derek Nexus rapidly calculates potency score and associated AI limit for N-Nitrosamines, considering the structures α-hydrogens, deactivating and activating features.

The Nexus suite houses Derek Nexus, Sarah Nexus and Meteor Nexus which have seen improvements in the number of data records, data sources, expert review arguments and beyond. Furthermore, continuous refinement of the software has allowed an up to 25x speed-up in several operations, such as batch predictions and building custom Sarah Nexus models.

Watch the video below, starring Principal Scientist, Robert Foster and Software Delivery Manager, Jenn Larrieu to learn more about the exciting release of Nexus 2.6!

The full Nexus 2.6 release notes are available for members to access within the Lhasa Limited download centre.

Would you like access to CPCA assessment functionality in Derek Nexus? Get in touch!

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