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Lhasa Limited release cutting-edge toxicity data to enhance chemical risk assessments

Lhasa Limited is delighted to announce the release of Vitic 2023.1.1, featuring updated genotoxicity, carcinogenicity, and sensitisation endpoints, designed to enhance chemical risk assessments.

Developed by a dedicated team of Lhasa scientists, Vitic serves as a cost-effective and user-friendly tool to identify potentially hazardous chemicals and conduct read-across assessments during regulatory evaluations. Leading organisations in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemistry industry utilise this trusted dataset in the search for suitable drug candidates.


Exploring the latest database improvements


In the latest release, Lhasa have introduced 11,155 new data records, bringing the total to 558,228. Furthermore, 384 new substances have been incorporated, expanding the database to 23,233 substances.

A new Carcinogenicity Summary table has been established which provides a concise overview of the carcinogenicity study results for each compound, categorised by species. The associated supplementary table contains the individual TD50 values used in generating this summary. Additionally, a new supplementary table has been introduced describing the key factors considered in determining the study’s reliability, as assessed by a Lhasa.

Vitic 2023.1.1 is available now! To make more confident decisions about the safety of your compounds, get in touch.

In the meantime, explore the latest Vitic infographic to learn how we ensure the evolution of this robust and reliable database or view the Lhasa solution pages.