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Lhasa Limited Newsletter October 2019

Date: 18 November 2019

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Lhasa Limited Newsletter

October 2019

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ICH M7 India Roadshows

We're delighted to be once again holding our free, 1-day ICH M7 roadshow events in India. We will be holding an event in both Mumbai and Hyderabad, early next year. 

These events will cover an introduction to ICH M7, and provide an overview of Derek Nexus, Sarah Nexus and Vitic, and how they facilitate ICH M7 guidelines. Register now via the links opposite. 

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Mirabilis and Industry

Created in collaboration with GSK and AstraZeneca, this infographic details the key benefits of Mirabilis compared to existing paper approaches, and specifies the most important Mirabilis features according to users in industry.

RDC 53: Have you got it covered?

Lhasa Limited provides an integrated in silico solution to assist in the meeting of the RDC 53 Guideline. Find out how, on our new, RDC 53 dedicated web page. 

RDC 53 Page

Recent Releases

Vitic Elemental Impurities

Data Release 

July 31st 2019 

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Upcoming Events


3rd - 6th November 2019 | AAPS PharmSci 360 | San Antonio, USA

Lhasa Limited Sales Executive, Alex Vrijheid, and Account Manager, Charles Modlin, will be exhibiting at booth number 1306.


10th - 15th November 2019 | AIChE Annual Meeting | Florida, USA

Dave Yeo, Lhasa Limited Senior Account Manager, will be attending this event and presenting on pre-competitive collaborations, on Wednesday the 13th November at 8.23am. 


17th - 19th November 2019 | 40th ACT Annual Meeting | Phoenix, USA

Sara Atkinson, and Krishan Patel, from Lhasa's Sales Team, Principal Account Manager, Alex Harding, and Chief Scientific Officer, Richard Williams, will be attending. 


18th - 20th November 2019 | ACEMS/JEMS | Tokyo, Japan

Lhasa Limited Account Manager, Meekee Kok, will be attending, and Lhasa Limited CEO, Chris Barber, and Scientist, Rachael Tennant will be presenting at this event.


26th November 2019 | In Silico Toxicology Network Meeting | Cambridge, UK

Lhasa Limited Scientist, Alun Myden, will be attending and giving a talk at this event. 

Tox Meeting

29th November 2019 | MGMS Young Modellers’ Forum | Greenwich, UK

We're pleased to be sponsoring this event in November 2019. Lhasa Limited Senior Scientist, David Ponting, will be in attendance.



Zeneth 8: A faster, more intuitive, degradation predictive system.

Join Lhasa Limited Principal Scientist, Martin Ott, and Senior Scientist, Ash Ali, as they discuss the key developments in Zeneth, the expert decision support software for predicting the forced degradation pathways of organic compounds.

Date: 5th November 2019, 15.00 (UK Time)



258th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

'Mechanism and Prediction of UGT Metabolism.'

Presented by Lhasa sponsored postdoc, Mario Oeren.


'Improving the Predictive Performance of Aromatic Amine Mutagenicity Alerts.'

Poster presented by Lhasa Limited Senior Scientist, Rachael Tennant.



'How Low Can You Go? An Analysis Of Lowest Effective Dose In The Ames Test.' 

Presented by Lhasa Limited Senior Scientist, Grace Kocks.

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3rd Symbioteq

'Predictive Toxicology: Using In Silico Systems.'

Presented by Lhasa Limited Chief Scientific Officer, Richard Williams

ChEMBL Database Symposium

'Utilising ChEMBL Data for Building Secondary Pharmacology Models.'

Presented by Lhasa Limited Senior Scientist, Adrian Fowkes.

JPAG Meeting

'Mirabilis: The Continuing Development of Applied Knowledge for an In Silico Purge Tool '.

Presented by Lhasa Limited Senior Scientist, Michael Burns.


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'Increased Efficiency in Knowledge Base Building for Degradation.'

Presented by Lhasa Limited Principal Scientist, Martin Ott.

'A Knowledge-Based System for the Prediction of Forced Degradation of Organic Compounds.'

Presented by Lhasa Limited Senior Scientist, Ash Ali.

Organic Process Research and Development

'Development of the Mirabilis Knowledge Base for PMI Purge Prediction: Knowledge, Experience & Reaction Mining.'

Presented by Lhasa Limited Scientist, James McManus.

Occupational Toxicology Roundtable

'Current Advances in Skin Sensitisation In Silico Predictions and Their Use in a Defined Approach.'

Presented by Lhasa Limited Principal Scientist, Donna Macmillan

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'A New Semi-Automated Computer-Based System for Assessing the Purge of Mutagenic Impurities.'

Paper written by Senior Scientist, Michael Burns, et al. 

External Video

'ICH M7 - Risk Assessment for Mutagenic Impurities and Control Strategies.'

External video, created by Fernanda Waechter.

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'Regulatory Acceptance of Risk-Based Control Strategies for ICH Q3D: Using Shared Elemental Impurities Data for Risk Assessments.'

Presented by Lhasa Limited Senior Scientist, Grace Kocks, and guest speaker, Craig Havenhand, Investigator at GSK. 

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