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Lhasa Limited introduce nitrosamine formation risk prediction technology to Mirabilis

Lhasa Limited, a leading supplier of software solutions in the fields of toxicology, metabolism, degradation and purge chemistry, announce the latest release of Mirabilis – a risk assessment tool to assist with the management of your mutagenic impurities.

What’s new?

The latest version of Mirabilis incorporates prediction technology that can alert the user to the risk of formation of potentially mutagenic impurities (PMIs), such as nitrosamines. Mirabilis uses the condition and structural feature information in each reaction stage of the drug synthesis to predict both risk of formation present, and the structure of the PMI if the precise identity of the reagent is known.

Watch the video below, where Principal Scientist, Michael Burns and Principal Application Scientist, Fernanda Waechter discuss the latest advancements you can expect to see in this Mirabilis release…

If you would like to learn more about how this innovative solution can assist with the management of your mutagenic impurities, please get in touch