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Lhasa Limited continues to expand in Latin America, welcoming members in Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay

Lhasa Limited, a leading global supplier of knowledge-based software solutions and associated databases, continues its expansion in Latin America with new members joining in Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay.

Gador, an Argentine pharmaceutical company that manufacture active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and medicines for human health, have recently began sponsoring Lhasa’s in silico software solutions, Derek Nexus and Sarah Nexus to facilitate ICH M7 assessment and control of mutagenic impurities. In addition to this, Zeneth, to predict degradation products derived from their APIs prior to analytical development and for the risk assessment of nitrosamines.

Like Gador, Mega Labs S.A., a leading pharmaceutical organisation in Uruguay that produce medicines for human health, have began sponsoring Zeneth. MegaLabs are similarly using Zeneth to support nitrosamine risk assessment and identify and assess degradants derived from their APIs.

Margarita Maria Muñoz-Henao, Senior Application Scientist at Lhasa Limited said: “It is with great excitement that we share Lhasa’s rapid growth in Latin America, we now have members in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay. Not only are we thrilled to share scientific knowledge around the world, but also break the language barrier by providing training and support which is accessible in Spanish and Portuguese. We look forward to further strengthening our relationships and building new connections across Latin America.”

If you speak Spanish and are based in Latin America, why not register to Lhasa’s upcoming webinar, Supporting analytical development, formulation and nitrosamine risk assessment in the pharmaceutical industry. In this online, free-to-attend event, the speakers will discuss how Zeneth can help you identify degradation risk in your drug development workflow.

For further information on the in silico tools and data sharing initiatives Lhasa have to offer, please get in touch.