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Lhasa Limited announces the anticipated release of Zeneth 9

Lhasa Limited is thrilled to announce the anticipated release of Zeneth version 9, our in silico software solution for the identification of forced degradation pathways of organic compounds.

This latest release of Zeneth includes a breadth of new updates and software features designed to support you in your degradation workflow, many of which were developed in collaboration with Zeneth members.

What can you expect from Zeneth 9?

New nitrosamine knowledge to support N-nitrosamine risk assessments for drug products.

Additional degradation chemistry to support risk-based stability assessment. The excipients database within Zeneth has been expanded and now contains over 350 common excipients.

As the only commercially available, actively maintained software of its kind, Zeneth can swiftly provide you with predictions for likely degradation products of drug compounds, by using its comprehensive knowledge of degradation pathways.

The new version of Zeneth offers enhanced features for a greater user experience. Key new software features include:

An updated filter panel – The filter panel now contains an ‘excipient interactions’, and a ‘condition triggers’ filter. In addition, a degradation products parentage is now displayed along with its structure for added context.

Enhanced spider diagram functionality  When using the spider diagram for drawing, selected pathways of interest will now display metadata, intermediates, and condition triggers.

Formulation lists – A new feature that supports the ability to create formulation ‘lists’ of excipients which can be saved and re-used from prediction to prediction.

Enhanced reporting functionality – Users of Zeneth can export their results as word documents, and multiple conditions excel reports.

Zeneth 9 is available now! Get in touch with a member of the Lhasa Business Partnerships Team to start your free trial.